The KNOTTIN database

Chemical synthesis & recombinant protein expression


The Cyclotide Webpage a site dedicated to cyclotide research.
Cybase The database of cyclic proteins, including cyclic knottins.
Tox-Prot The UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot Toxin Annotation Program [Jungo and Bairoch, 2005].
MvirDB The Virulence Database at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Cone snails and conotoxins
ConoServer A database for conopeptide sequences and structures.

Non-knottins but knotted proteins

The Cystine-knot proteins database at Stanford.

Other useful links


PAT: the Protein Analysis Toolkit Our general purpose web-server that is used intensively by the KNOTTIN database.
@TOME: The CBS pipeline dedicated to predictions of protein structures and protein-ligand interactions.
SCOP: The Structural Classification of Proteins
The Bioinformatics Laboratory at the University of Reunion provides tools related to disulfide bridges and disulfide-rich proteins
SDPMOD: a modeling server for small disulfide-rich proteins.
CysView: a tool to classify proteins according to similar disulfide connectivity patterns [Lenffer et al, 2004].


Spiders and other Arachnids at UC Riverside
The Arachnology home page The arachnological hub
The antimicrobial peptides database
PenBase: a database devoted to Penaeidins, a homologous family of antimicrobial pept ides
The Enzyme Structure Database
The MEROPS database provides a catalogue and structure based classification of proteases and inhibitors, a site dedicated to venom in snakes, cone snails, spiders, scorpions...